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Case Story

Wasabi Orangeri

A short distance from Malmö, you can find Wasabi Orangeri in a small suburb called Oxie. It’s a cozy restaurant inside an orangery. The restaurant offers varied dishes each week, such as shrimp salad and pizza. But also desserts and cakes, that changes throughout the seasons. You can enjoy different types of entertainment such as music quizzes, light parties, and Christmas celebrations as well. A little bit of everything for everyone! Wasabi Orangeri was searching the market for an online booking system that can help them get a better overview of tables and reservations while also help them to get more bookings. Keep on reading to find out more about why Wasabi Orangeri chose to use resOS’ online booking system.

Wasabi orangeri
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Easily keep track of table bookings

Previously, Wasabi Orangeri had difficulties keeping track of all of their bookings, since they were spread out on different types of channels. Instead of getting notifications on social media, telephone, email, and text messages they were in need of a system that collected all of their bookings. Then they found resOS, which now handles all of this for them and solved their problem, and makes sure they don’t miss out on any bookings!

Try resOS, and you’ll get “nothing but a positive experience”

“Before we started using resOS, we had trouble keeping track of all of the bookings that came in.. Now we get all of our bookings at the same place, which definitely makes it much easier. We’ve also had many more bookings than previously as well. ”

Christine Persson, Restaurant owner

All in all, their experience with resOS has been smooth and easy. One function, that is particularly appreciated, is to be able to get a text message whenever a new booking comes in or changes status. With that function, the restaurant can put more time and effort into giving better focus on the guests and delivering an amazing food experience and customer service.

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Encourage your guests to give feedback

At the same time as Wasabi Orangeri was looking for a system that could collect all of their bookings in the same place, they wanted it to be easy to use for all of their customers. With this, the relationship between the restaurant and its guests have improved. For example, getting a reminder to give the restaurant a review of their experience after their visit to the restaurant. This has helped to increase the reach for new customers for the restaurant.

Most people value other guests’ reviews of a place, which has then also helped them get more bookings than earlier. If someone has a nice experience, you’re more prone to wanting to try it out yourself as well! 

“Our bookings have increased since we started using resOS’ booking system”

Christine Persson, Restaurant owner

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guest feedback

Try resOS 30 days for free

Do you also want to run your restaurant more smoothly? You can create an account and try out resOS for free. You can also sign up to one of the paid plans with 30 days free and no binding. Do you have any questions about how to get started? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support who is always there to help. Send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In addition, we always want to develop our product to best suit your preferences. Therefore, we always welcome feedback to implement your wishes as far as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!