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Uncle Tim's Cocktails

Uncle Tim's Cocktails

At Uncle Tim’s Cocktails, the focus is on crafting bottled cocktails to be enjoyed anywhere, complemented by a speakeasy-style tasting room offering private reservations. The venue specializes in unique variations of classic cocktails, such as margaritas with fresh hibiscus syrup, ensuring a seasonal and original menu.

Creating a unique guest experience

The primary goal at Uncle Tim’s Cocktails is to provide an intimate and comfortable environment, designed to foster connections among guests. The decor, featuring furniture from Uncle Tim’s own living room, enhances the warm, home-like atmosphere, encouraging conversation and community building.

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The role of resOS

resOS has significantly contributed to the guest experience by streamlining communication and reservations. The integrated system allows Uncle Tim’s Cocktails to send guests all necessary information with ease, facilitating bookings directly from the website and ensuring the reservation system is always up-to-date. 

resOS has played a huge role in our ability to provide guests with accurate information about our space and their time with us (…) Reservations have never been so simple!

Kait Weir, Marketing Manager

Daily management improvement:

The daily management of Uncle Tim’s Cocktails has greatly benefited from resOS. With the venue experiencing substantial growth, the simplicity and user-friendliness of resOS have been crucial in training new staff.

resOS is easy for our new staff to understand, making training them on running the tasting room that much easier

Kait Weir, Marketing Manager

Online reservation priorities

Effective communication with guests is paramount for Uncle Tim’s Cocktails. The automated confirmation system provided by resOS ensures guest satisfaction by sending confirmations instantly, reducing the need for manual follow-ups. 

The automated system sending confirmations to our guest when they book makes it easy for us to ensure guest satisfaction

Kait Weir, Marketing Manager

Custom input fields

Custom input fields form resOS

One standout feature of resOS for Uncle Tim’s Cocktails is the custom input fields. This tool allows the staff to collect and manage specific information about each reservation, ensuring a tailored and exceptional experience for every guest.

The custom input fields feature enables us to capture unique guest preferences and requirements directly during the booking process (…) We use this feature to manage special booking requests like birthdays or influencer visits, ensuring the staff on duty knows exactly how to prep for the upcoming reservation.

Kait Weir, Marketing Manager

Choosing resOS

When selecting a booking system, resOS was the clear choice for Uncle Tim’s Cocktails due to its affordability and comprehensive feature set, which simplifies operations for the small business. 

When we started our search for a booking system, resOS was the obvious choice. Not only is it affordable for us as a small business, but also offers so many features that make our jobs easier.

Kait Weir, Marketing Manager

Uncle Tim’s Cocktails has continued to grow with the help of resOS, increasing both guest experience and daily operations. The custom input fields feature, in particular, has been a lifesaver, allowing the team to deliver personalized and memorable experiences effortlessly.

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