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Case Story

Santa Rosalia

Experience Mexican-inspired cuisine and contribute to a meaningful cause. Discover the intuitive resOS booking system that will make the reservation process smooth and hassle-free.

Santa Rosalia stands as a testament to the passion for exceptional dining experiences and sustainable practices. They take pride in offering Mexican-inspired cuisine that tantalizes taste buds while upholding the commitment to using only local and organic produce. 

“I want my guests to taste something different, and fresh, and spend their money in a meaningful place that pays decently for its producers from the area.”

-Owner of Santa Rosalia

As the founder mentions, Santa Rosalia is a place where guests not only enjoy a unique culinary journey but also contribute to a meaningful cause. The focus is always on a unique dining experience with fair-trade and sustainable choices in the whole process.

Let’s explore how they’ve managed to realize this vision and provide a seamless experience for their guests, thanks to the innovative resOS booking system.

Creating memorable experiences through resOS

The dining experience starts long before guests step into the restaurant. It begins the moment they decide to make a reservation. With resOS, the reservation process is seamlessly integrated which not only enhances their guests’ convenience but also aligns with Santa Rosalia’s commitment to efficiency and meaningful interaction.

“resOS paired with reserve with Google makes booking hassle-free and 24/7” 

– Owner of Santa Rosalia

The feature ‘’Reserve with Google’’ plays a crucial role as it not only expands Santa Rosalia’s reach but, paired with resOS, gives a great experience for all guests. The bookings that are made through Google are synchronized with resOS’ booking system in real-time. Reserve with Google is included in all subscription plans and is easy to integrate. 

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Efficiency redefined: resOS in daily management

“We have saved so much time and we have almost no more errors with bookings when paper booking management would take time and could cause mistakes very often.”

– Santa Rosalia owner

Gone are the days of juggling paper-based bookings and risking errors. With resOS, daily management has transformed. As the owner mentions, they reclaimed invaluable time that was previously lost in managing reservations manually on paper. 

The interface of the system and drag-and-drop reservation changes are exceptionally useful features that have streamlined Santa Rosalia’s operations, as the owner noticed.

“The messaging system is great for discrete exchanges without having to disturb the guests by phone, and less intrusive than writing an email to the personal guest’s address.”

-Owner of Santa Rosalia

But beyond that, the integrated messaging system has allowed staff to engage with guests in an easy and smooth way, without calling or reaching out from personal email or phone. The communication is done directly through resOS and all staff members can follow the conversation, so guests are having the best time in the restaurant.

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Prioritizing simplicity and customization

When selecting a booking system, many factors play a role. The owner of Santa Rosalia had specific criteria in mind, and resOS ticked all the boxes. 

The simple interface ensures that both guests and staff can navigate effortlessly. The customization possibilities allowed to tailor the system to the specific needs, reinforcing our brand identity. The custom design feature allows you to customize the booking flow, and booking widget to match the identity of your brand and the theme of the restaurant. Read more about the custom design feature in our blog here.

And while the system itself is robust, the price point aligns with our business model, making it a perfect fit. All resOS subscription plans include all features and every restaurant can enhance its business. resOS offers subscriptions for every size of restaurant. Find out which subscription is suitable for your restaurant here.

Santa Rosalia is a restaurant that isn’t just about serving exquisite food. It’s about creating a holistic experience that intertwines flavors, sustainability, and innovation. ResOS has played an instrumental role in bringing this vision to life. It’s a tool that not only simplifies operations but also aligns with Santa Rosalia’s values. 

Through hassle-free bookings, efficient management, and discreet communication, they’ve managed to enhance guests’ experiences and ensure that their time spent in Santa Rosalia is truly memorable. As business moves forward, they remain committed to crafting extraordinary moments and flavors while resOS continues to be a steadfast partner in achieving this mission.

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