Sevag´s Grækeren

Sevag's Grækeren understands the importance of providing the best customer service. This restaurant expects the same from its booking system! Read here about Sevag's experience with resOS.

Sevag's Græken is created by Greek-born Sevag, who serves delicious food from the greek kitchen. The food is made with lots of amazing spices, fantasies, and a big chunk of love. The restaurant is located in Egå, Århus - and you will be introduced to the greek culture and vibe when vising Sevag's Grækeren. As Sevag always says; "Kalos irthate kai kali sas oreksi", which translates to "welcome and Bon appetite"!

Restaurant Sevag´s Grækeren
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"resOS customer service is on-point, and they are always ready to help by e-mail or telephone".

Restaurant owner Sevag Aharounian, Sevag´s Grækeren.

Sevag decided in 2019 to try a new booking system called resOS. He made this decision because he missed the personal contact and good customer service. Sevag thought it was problematic chatting with a chat-robot or getting redirected to a support site. He avoided this with resOS, which he means are "very service-minded and always takes on a challenge to fix a restaurant's problems or bugs in the system."

"We are in a busy restaurant so its important that the employees can navigate around in the system fast and easily".

Restaurant owner Sevag Aharounian, Sevag´s Grækeren.
Food at Sevags Grækeren
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How resOS helped Sevag´s Grækeren manage their bookings.

Sevag was super happy regarding how easy and user-friendly resOS was to set up, and that help from the support team was always close by if problems occurred. The staff quickly learned the system and its functions. It was a big plus for Sevag when the resOS app was launched. The restaurant used lots of time managing bookings on their old pc. They now use the system from the resOS app in an effective and fast way from their tablet in the restaurant.

"resOS support team have beeen helping me since day 1 and they have always listened to my wishes concerning new functions or improvements".

Restaurant owner Sevag Aharounian, Sevag´s Grækeren.

Us at resOS try to our best to fulfill your wishes and improvements to the system. We think that the best form of product development is listening to the people who use the product on a daily basis.

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We are always ready to help!

Do you have a question about getting started with resOS? Our sweet support team is ready to help you! Write a message to [email protected]. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.