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5 reasons why you should offer takeaway at your restaurant

Tips and reasons why it is beneficial to offer takeaway at your restaurant and how to start implementing it with an all-in-one booking system.

Dining at a restaurant with a nice atmosphere where waiters and waitresses serve food and drinks is always a pleasant experience, however, people sometimes just want to eat on the go or at home. This was especially true while the Covid-19 pandemic was more present, but the trend continued since then, and people are more and more keen on ordering food and drinks. Therefore, we have collected the 5 most important reasons why you should offer takeaway at your eatery, and why resOS could be the perfect fit as your booking-, and takeaway system.

resOS takeaway orders overview
resOS takeaway orders overview

1. Increased revenue

Having a second revenue stream besides guests eating in at your restaurant is of course one of the main reasons to implement food delivery. An additional sales channel can definitely increase your revenue and attract new guests to your restaurant. The guests can have a look at your menu wherever they are and maybe try out something before actually visiting your place. People sometimes don’t have time to eat out, but would like to enjoy your food, so they decide to order, which is great for you and for them as well.

2. Easy handling of takeaways and bookings with just one system

With resOS you get a functional booking system for takeaway restaurants, which can easily be implemented in the everyday life of your restaurant. Although your focus is primarily on your takeaway dishes, resOS also makes it easy to book the available tables in the restaurant and get more guests.

Get an overview of everyday life with resOS

  • Manage walk-ins and online bookings
  • Receive takeaway orders online
  • Create an overview of the available times, tables, and kitchen capacity
  • Communicate with guests directly through resOS
  • And much more!

Through resOS’ takeaway system you can easily add your products to the online menu. Add-ons, extras, and options can also be added to products, so guests can configure their dish as they want to. Furthermore, you can set whether you offer delivery, pickup by guest, or eat in at your restaurant. All these options can be adjusted according to your needs. Regarding payment methods, guests can choose to pay by card or cash of course.

resOS make takeaway order
resOS takeaway order

“There are other exciting and interesting functions that resOS offers that we haven’t really had the chance to use yet, for example the pre payment, shop and takeaway”.

Thomas Ochman – owner of Bocado

3. Increased customer loyalty

By having takeaway options at your restaurant, you can increase customer loyalty and engagement. Providing delivery allows you to have more insights into customer purchasing habits. Therefore, you can create targeted marketing campaigns, which will result in even more bookings and takeaway orders. For instance, if you notice that a specific product is ordered in great numbers on a specific day, you can then send a marketing email, so the same happens the next week or month as well.

4. Safe alternative in pandemic times

Luckily, the Covid-19 pandemic is mostly behind us, but restaurants who wanted to survive during those times were definitely dependent on online takeaway orders. Therefore, being prepared if something similar turns up in the future is a good idea. The health of employees and guests is the most important aspect of course, so takeaways can reduce the risk of getting infected in critical times. It is a safer environment for staff if only they are in the restaurant preparing the dishes, and customers can enjoy their food with contactless delivery.

Food delivery being placed on the fence for contactless delivery by the food courier.
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5. Less overhead

Using electricity and gas comes with high costs, especially during the current energy crisis. Therefore, saving on these bills can be achieved by offering takeaway and delivery at your restaurant. By switching to a ghost kitchen model, a smaller premises could also be enough to operate the business. Hence, less electricity and gas is needed, which leads to less overhead.

resOS takeaway pickup order status
resOS takeaway pickup order status

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