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Do you want to have the time to serve perfect steaks to your guests? Get more time for that with a great booking system

If you want to have the time to cook the perfect steak, it is important to have an efficient booking system that can handle all your bookings. resOS has developed a simple booking system for steakhouses that gives a god overview of all your bookings.

The booking is functional, intuitive and can easily be integrated into your steakhouse’s everyday life without the need for difficult technical installations. With resOS features you get a good overview of the available tables and areas in your steakhouse. A good booking system gives you more time to focus on the important things: cooking the perfect steaks and giving your guests a fantastic experience.

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Awesome features to optimize your business

resOS has developed many awesome features, that your steakhouse can use to optimize its business. With resOS you get:

  • Overview of your bookings and walk-ins
  • A nice and simple booking sheet that makes it easy for guests to book a table
  • Simple integration of the booking system on Facebook, Google, Eatie profile and your website
  • Insight of your earnings through resOS
  • Table management where you can easily register available tables, times and walk-ins
  • Simple communication with guests directly in the system.

Make more profit in your everyday life

With resOS online booking system you can be sure that all administrative parts can be resolved quickly and effectively. The booking system is created to make your every day life easier in your steakhouse. Get a simple booking system for steakhouses today.

By adding a booking link to your Facebook, Google and website, guests can easily book online. Guests book their own table online and you are automatically notified of the booking in your online booking system. In the system you can also easily navigate both the reservation for the day, as well as in the future.

Handling of tables and available times with table management

Table management is one of the best features which resOS offers. With table management you get a good overview of your tables and can easily mark the tables that are available. You can choose whether the available tables can be booked online by guests, the staff or both. With table management you can:

  • Register all your tables in your steakhouse with table names
  • Choose which tables are available and on which days and times
  • Prioritize which tables should be booked first
  • Combine tables so that, for example, two two-person tables can be booked for four people
  • Gives guests an automatic confirmation when they book a table
  • And much more

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