Why you should do takeaway and delivery during COVID 19

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Takeaway has risen since COVID-19 took over the world. Restaurants all over the world have been forced to close and let go of their employees. This makes us at resOS sad, so here are a few reasons to do takeaway and delivery during COVID 19.

Reason 1: Customers staying at home

A lot of employed people around the world have been told to work from home, to stay safe, and reduce human contact. Working from home has become the new normal, and a lot of people will have to adjust to doing so. This means that the need for takeaway and delivery during COVID 19 has increased tremendously. People are too scared going grocery shopping and instead order takeaway delivered to their doorstep.

Reason 2: Save your business!

The restaurant industry now reflects the highest total business closures, recently surpassing retail. A lot of restaurants have been forced to shut down and let go of their employees since they aren’t allowed to have guests eating in their restaurant. Introducing takeaway and delivery at your restaurant could be a way to keep the restaurant afloat financially during the pandemic. By doing so, your local community would also be able to buy food and support your restaurant. There has been a lot of campaigns around the world to support local restaurants. This is only possible if you have something to offer, such as takeaway and delivery.

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Reason 3: The future of takeaway and delivery?

People will without a doubt be more conscious about going out, and a lot will prefer eating at home. The market for takeaway and delivery is not only now, but as well in the future according to studies.

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