See active bookings and know how busy the day is

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With the “Active” filter in the bookings list on your resOS’ booking system, you only see active bookings by default. This ensures your staff with a complete overview of the day, and you will always know how busy the day is going to be.

Booking system overview

How do active bookings work?

To check how many active bookings you have for the day you have to first go to the menu ‘Bookings’ and then open either the ‘List view’ or the ‘Floor plan’. Now go to the right side of your screen and press “Active” to then show a list of all booking statuses.

We also added the number of bookings and people per status to make it easy to get an overview of how busy the day is. The first number is the total number of bookings. The second is the total number of people. Besides seeing ‘active’ bookings in the list view, you are also able to see all accepted, pending, arrived, and cancelled bookings on the day. See the picture below to get an overview of all the statuses you can create on resOS.

Active bookings on resOS booking system

Also, did you know that…

You can ‘flag’ a customer in the system? e.g if they don’t show up to a booking? This is a valuable feature as a no-show customer at your restaurant will end up costing you money. Flag a customer in the system and next time they create a booking at your restaurant, you will be alerted. This empowers you to send an extra notification to the customer to remind them of the reservation. Brilliant, right?

Read more here about reducing restaurant no-shows with resOS.

With resOS’ booking system you can:

  • Charge deposits and pre-payments
  • Reduce restaurant no-shows
  • Create different seatings for your opening hours
  • Get notifications via SMS and email
  • Manage tables, available times, and areas in the restaurant
  • View your future bookings and handle walk-ins
  • Easily communicate with the guests directly through the system
  • And lots more, that you can read about here

Reach out to us at [email protected], and our amazing support team will help you integrate the system and get started today.