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In today’s digital world, it takes more than just delicious food and a great ambiance for a restaurant to thrive. With people relying on their phones for almost everything, online accessibility has become a crucial factor. That’s why integrating a booking system app for restaurants has become almost a necessity. It’s time to make your restaurant easily accessible to potential customers in the digital realm.

Restaurant booking app

A comprehensive restaurant booking system app offers a range of features, including ratings and reviews, communication channels, integrations with other essential systems, and more.

🔑 The key to success lies in keeping the interface simple yet engaging, allowing visitors to explore and use the app effortlessly.

How to find the best reservation system app for restaurants?

Using a reservation system app can bring numerous advantages to your restaurant. It enables you to display available tables, minimize no-shows, provide exclusive deals, and optimize capacity utilization. Think of the app as the intelligent hub that powers your restaurant, enabling seamless management and enhanced customer satisfaction.

When searching for the best booking system app for your restaurant, there are a few crucial elements to consider:

✔️ Define your needs
✔️ Compare alternatives
✔️ Find out how it can impact your business

1. Define your needs

Align the booking system app with your existing platforms and business processes. Decide whether you want to be featured among other restaurants for increased visibility, or prefer reservations exclusively through your online platforms. Ensuring optimal results for your restaurant requires a booking system that matches your specific needs.

2. Compare alternatives

Explore different software options and test them in real-life scenarios. Consider factors such as compatibility with your POS system, adherence to legal regulations, user-friendly interface, and profit-making model. Cost is another aspect to weigh in when selecting a system that aligns with your requirements.

comparison of reservation app systems for restaurants

Restaurant reservation systems – compared

3. Find out how it can impact your business

Assess the impact on your business. Apart from customer accessibility, evaluate how the booking system app can have a broader impact. Look for features that reduce no-shows, balance table counts, and provide secure communication channels.

How can your new system do that?
✔️ Set a deposit charge for reservations,
✔️ Send reminders via SMS and email notifications,
✔️ Create profiles for guests who previously did not show up for their bookings.

Collecting guest reviews and feedback ensures constant improvement, while automated SMS reminders and email notifications improve efficiency.

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Smart systems even enable the creation of a loyalty club. It can collect information such as birthdays and special occasions dates and automatically send an attractive deal offer for those days, and by doing so, increase the likelihood of boosting customer retention.

resOS on app

resOS app interface for all devices

What is the price of a booking system app?

Price is an essential consideration when choosing a booking system app. While some systems offer free entry-level plans, pricing typically adjusts based on the number of bookings per night or tables occupied. It is best to test the system during a trial period or with a free account to evaluate its compatibility with your restaurant’s needs.

How would that look?
The pricing of the booking system app is determined by factors such as the number of bookings per night or the number of tables.

To illustrate, imagine your restaurant has a set of 6 tables, all of which are consistently occupied. When determining the price, this factor will be taken into account. And here’s where it gets even more exciting: during the initial stages of your restaurant journey, you have the opportunity to get started with the app absolutely free!

Before you agree and sign up, it’s important to try the system yourself. Most software offers a test period or allows you to create a free account. Take advantage of this opportunity and thoroughly evaluate the system, taking into consideration the various elements discussed earlier.

resOS offers a free plan to help you kick-start your restaurant’s success without any upfront costs.

What are the benefits of a reservation system app for restaurants?

As a business owner/manager, you have a multitude of tasks on your plate. From overseeing your staff to ensuring the venue is always in top shape, handling orders and deliveries, managing administrative duties, and providing excellent hospitality to your guests – the list goes on. It’s clear that time is a precious commodity that you simply cannot afford to waste.

reservation system integrations

resOS integrations interface

This is where a restaurant reservation system comes to the rescue, offering a multitude of advantages for both you and your staff. Its primary objective? To save you time and streamline your daily operations.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to keep your guests happy. To achieve this, your restaurant reservation system should possess key capabilities, such as:

  • Automatic SMS and email notifications to keep guests informed.
  • Efficient management of online table availability.
  • Seamless handling of guest bookings.
  • Strategies to reduce no-shows and optimize table occupancy.
  • Automatic collection of reviews and ratings, ensuring valuable feedback is readily available.

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Restaurant booking system tips

When selecting a restaurant reservation system, consider the following tips:

✔️ Simple setup: Pick software that makes your life easier, not harder! Minimum downloads and minimum changes to your existing systems are what you should be looking for. If the new system has an app, so you can be in control anywhere you go, you’ve got a winner!

✔️ Integration with social media: While not mandatory, integration with your social media accounts can simplify your workflow. Having all reservations, reviews, and gratitude expressed in one platform enhances convenience.

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✔️ User-friendly interface: There’s no point in choosing a system that requires hours of learning and endless tutorials. Opt for an intuitive system that is easy to understand and navigate, sparing you from spending hours on training and tutorials.

resOS' booking system app

✔️ Excellent customer service: When it comes to software, it is crucial to have accessible support. Even the best software requires a dedicated support team. And by support, we mean real people who can assist you, not just impersonal chatbots.

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