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How to set up Facebook Pixel integration in the resOS app?

What is Facebook Pixel Integration on resOS?

Integration of Facebook Pixel on resOS provides a functionality enabling restaurant proprietors to link their resOS platforms with Facebook/Meta Pixel. This feature is crafted to assist restaurant owners in acquiring insights into customer behaviors, interactions, and engagements within the resOS booking and takeaway systems.

How it works?

  1. Activation: Activate the Facebook Pixel app within the resOS system.
  2. Linking: Link your Facebook Pixel to resOS by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.
  3. Tracking & Sending Data: Once activated and linked, resOS starts to track and send data, including page views and events, to Facebook Pixel.

NOTE: Supports UTM tags on all URLs on the restaurants * domain

How to set up Facebook Pixel integration with your resOS booking system?

Step 1: Activate the app

To initiate the integration, first, activate the Facebook Pixel app in the resOS system. Do this by heading to the apps section and choosing Facebook Pixel from the list of apps available.

  1. Navigate to the apps section within the resOS system.
  2. Select and activate the Facebook Pixel app from the list of available apps.
Facebook Pixel integration – step 1

Step 2: Add Pixel ID

Once the app is activated, you will be prompted to add your Facebook Pixel ID. This ID is essential as it links the resOS platform to the user’s Facebook Pixel, enabling the transfer of data between the two systems.

Facebook Pixel integration – step 2
  • Enter your Facebook Pixel ID to link your resOS platform to your Facebook Pixel.
Facebook Pixel integration – add Pixel ID

Start Tracking!

After completing the above steps, you can start receiving events and all page views on your * domain and booking widget. Utilize this data to enhance your marketing strategies and understand your customer interactions and behaviors better on your resOS booking page, booking widget, and takeaway ordering using your own Facebook/Meta Pixel.

Need Assistance? Should you face any problems during the setup of Facebook/Meta Pixel Integration, or have any inquiries or concerns regarding the system, don’t hesitate to contact our resOS support team at [email protected] for help.

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