TrustPilot Integrations

Help your customers get insights on your restaurant by integrating Trustpilot with your resOS software. With more than 119 million reviews and more than 560,000 reviewed websites, Trustpilot is used as an independent currency of trust and business transparency for companies all around the world.

About Trustpilot

As the world’s most trustworthy review platform for businesses, Trustpilot brings businesses and consumers together by inspiring transparency.

It’s a free digital platform to use and it’s beneficial for both businesses and consumers. It helps consumers by offering them a platform where they can check how other consumers reviewed a business – and it helps businesses by providing them a platform with customer feedback. Customer feedback is vital for businesses since it gives them the opportunity to improve certain services or practices with the ultimate purpose of creating a long-lasting relationship with the customers. The more consumers use Trustpilot, the more accurate insights, and the more opportunities businesses have to come up with ways to inspire trust.

How does Trustpilot work?

It’s simple! You just have to create a profile on Trustpilot for your business. People use your service or your product, they create a Trustpilot account, and based on their experience, either positive or negative, they search your company’s name on Trustpilot and leave a review. The review includes both a text box where customers can describe what they liked or disliked about your product/service and a star grading system, where a 5-stars review is the best one your business can get and the 1-star review is the worst. When reviewing your business, customers have to choose the number of stars they want to give based on the product/service they received. Customers don’t necessarily have to write any additional information or comments in the text box section, which means that it will take them very little time to leave those 5 dazzling stars on your company profile – feel free to use this in your customer service.

Leading us the second way in which a Trustpilot review can start. Businesses can ask their customers to leave a review after they used the product/service, using the Trustpilot invitation methods. It’s the same reviewing system as explained previously – the only difference is that the customers are invited to leave a review, making it easier for them to access.

Trustpilot benefits

By simply being an open platform that sits between consumers and businesses, Trustpilot facilitates open communication and collaboration. This benefits the consumers by providing them with the information they need to make purchasing decisions based on what others have experienced. At the same time, it benefits businesses because they can improve and innovate based on the feedback they got from their customers.

Trustpilot offers real reviews in real-time, preventing businesses from moderating reviews, which strengthens consumers’ trust. Another benefit of using Trustpilot is the regular reviews check Trustpilot makes, since the platform doesn’t allow fake reviews, fraud, and misuse – this is a guarantee for both you and your customers that the reviews are accurate descriptions of how the customer feels. Consumers and businesses also have the possibility to flag a review if they believe it doesn’t comply with Trustpilot’s guidelines and the review will then immediately be checked by customer support at Trustpilot. This brings business transparency between consumers and companies with the possibility of creating a real relationship.

With the function ”Business Transparency” Trustpilot offers an overview of how a business used their Trustpilot account for the last 12 months, including the reviews the business has, how many reviews the business flagged, etc. This is an initiative to improve openness and business transparency not only for the customers but for all the businesses too.

resOS, Trustpilot & Zapier

If you are already using Zapier on your resOS platform for automating your daily tasks, you will be delighted to find out that Trustpilot is one of the apps you can integrate with Zapier. With Zapier you can choose to integrate more than 2,000 apps that have the purpose to ease up your workflow by dealing with your administrative daily tasks. This gives you more time to focus on the relationship you are aiming to create with your customers. By combining your resOS’ features with Trustpilot and Zapier, you will have all the Trustpilot reviews along with the other apps your restaurant uses on resOS, making it more efficient for you. By automating these tasks, you can focus more on your customers while having all the features and apps you like on your restaurant platform.

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