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Since COVID-19 stumbled upon us, new initiatives are getting more popular around the world. People are more careful about what they touch in the public, to avoid getting infected. One of these initiatives, which are getting very popular is contactless menu ordering. We at resOS always try to adapt and find new solutions, which can help the restaurants but also their guests. That is why we have developed an integrated function, which lets you activate a contactless menu through our shop system.

Offering a digital menu avoids physical contact, so customers can stay safe during their restaurant experience. The contactless menu is typically a QR code, which you scan using your mobile phone. This will show the menu, which the owner can change at all times. Some systems only show the menu, while other systems also let you order and pay from the phone. resOS contactless system lets your guests order and also pay. As a restaurant owner, this gives you the flexibility to choose if you want to avoid physical contact or keep it low.

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We don’t know yet, how long COVID-19 will be upon us, so it is hard to predict the future for these initiatives. However, COVID-19 has been an eye-opener, and people will predictably be more careful going forward. We are here to support that and will keep developing functions that reduce the chances of infection of any kind.

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