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Rolling Cheese

Introducing Rolling Cheese: A gourmet journey

At Rolling Cheese, the delightful aroma of artisan cheeses and excellent wines creates a haven for enthusiasts. This traditional cheese shop, with a cozy 6-seater bar, is dedicated to offering a remarkable culinary experience. Here, customer service is paramount, and engaging with guests is essential. 

resOS has been instrumental in this aspect, allowing the staff to focus on guest engagement while seamlessly handling reservations by introducing customers to fine cheeses from renowned producers in England, France, Italy, and Switzerland, and utilizing resOS. 

Rolling Cheese ensures that every experience is not just about the palate, but also about a seamless, enjoyable journey from reservation to dining.

Rolling Cheese - Helsin restuarant

Their vision: “Have a Nice Time”

At Rolling Cheese, they aspire to create a relaxed, friendly, and positive atmosphere, where every guest can “have a nice time.” Their focus is on offering an interesting and exciting experience that transcends beyond the palate. They want their customers to embark on a culinary journey, discovering new cheeses, and unique pairings, and ultimately finding their new favorites. 

With their grilled cheese sandwiches recently making headlines and gaining recognition as “perhaps the best in the city,” their venue has become a must-visit spot in the Helsinki food scene.

Rolling Cheese - customer service

resOS: Elevating the guest experience

resOS plays a pivotal role in ensuring that their guests have a delightful experience from the moment they interact with their restaurant. The booking reminder and feedback features help their customers feel cared for and approachable. With resOS, the reservation process is smooth and hassle-free, and their guests appreciate the ease of making a table booking without the need to create accounts or sign up for anything.

At Rolling Cheese, the guests’ journey of ‘having a nice time’ starts with the booking.

“The system is easy for our staff to use even when we’re busy and things tend to get messy.”

Nelli, owner of Rolling Cheese.

Streamlining daily management

With a small but dedicated team of staff members, juggling reservations, feedback, and communications across phone, email, and in-person can be significant. resOS addressed this critical pain point by streamlining their daily operations and reducing the workload from various channels. This integration allowed the team to focus more effectively on providing excellent service, even during peak hours.

The staff interface provided by resOS is user-friendly, and each team member has their preferred view to manage daily bookings seamlessly. Regularly checking through customer feedback on resOS has also offered valuable insights into their performance and helped them identify opportunities for improvement.

“We only have a small team (2-5 staff), so resOS has freed our time to handling reservations and feedback”

Nelli, owner of Rolling Cheese

table booking schedule

Features that serve them well

Among the array of features offered by resOS, the staff interface of the resOS app stands out as a valuable tool that simplifies their lives. Customizability of content and branding enables them to maintain a cohesive and personalized experience for their guests.

“The staff interface is really good and makes our lives very easy. We all have our favorite views to look at the daily bookings, and I appreciate that these are there!”

Nelli, owner of Rolling Cheese

resOS booking communication

Choosing resOS: A perfect fit

When seeking a booking system for Rolling Cheese, resOS ticked all the boxes that mattered most to them. The cost-effectiveness of the platform aligned well with their modest space, ensuring they only pay for what they genuinely require. 

They wanted a user-friendly system that offered a seamless experience for both customers and staff, and resOS delivered just that. By opting for resOS, they gained a reliable partner that complements their vision of delivering excellent cheese and service to their valued customers.

We don’t want frills and marketing services we don’t want or need. The system is easy for our customers and us to use, and the costs are extremely reasonable”.

Nelli, owner of Rolling Cheese

Elevating the cheese experience with resOS

At Rolling Cheese, their passion for cheese goes hand in hand with their dedication to providing an unforgettable culinary journey for every guest. With resOS as their trusted ally, they continue to elevate the cheese experience, one reservation at a time. As they look ahead, they remain committed to their motto of “having a nice time” and inviting cheese enthusiasts to savor the world’s finest flavors, all under the warm ambiance of Rolling Cheese.

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