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Ceramix UK

At Ceramix, a unique Clay Cafe located at the heart of creativity and relaxation, offering guests an unparalleled experience is paramount. Specializing in a serene environment where guests can paint bisque shapes while enjoying coffee and cake, Ceramix has redefined the concept of dining and creativity. 

The integration of resOS into their operations has been crucial in elevating their customer service, allowing the staff to focus more on engaging with guests, as the system seamless manages reservations.

What was the reason to start using a restaurant booking system?

For Ceramix, selecting restaurant bookings system (resOS) was a decision driven by the desire for efficiency and simplicity. The platform’s ability to integrate a booking link across all social media platforms has streamlined the reservation process, making it easier for guests to secure their creative spot at the café.

“resOS has allowed our guests to make bookings using the same link throughout all our social media.”

Ricky, Ceramix, UK

Ceramix Clay cafe
Source: Ceramix

resOS role and solutions for Ceramix

The impact of resOS on Ceramix’s daily management has been profound. 

“It has made the daily running of the café so much more efficient”

Ricky, Ceramix, UK

The app’s forward-looking booking system enables optimal staff allocation, ensuring that each guest receives the personalized attention they deserve. This efficiency not only enhances the guest experience but also allows the team to prepare for the day’s bookings with ease.

“The app allows us to see advance bookings, which helps us to make the best use of our staff members. In turn, it has allowed our staff members to be prepared and set up for the different bookings.”

Ricky, Ceramix, UK

Reliable booking system

When it came to online reservations, Ceramix prioritized a system that could intelligently manage time and table allocation. resOS stood out for its ability to automatically calculate the necessary time for each booking, ensuring the best use of the café’s space. This feature has been instrumental in optimizing the guest experience and operational efficiency.

“The most important thing when taking reservations, was for the app to calculate the time needed for every booking and the best use of my tables.”

Ricky, Ceramix, UK

Features that make a difference

Ceramix values the personal touch resOS adds to their service. The platform’s messaging system fosters a more intimate connection between the café and its clients. Additionally, the ability to keep notes on each client, including their previous creations, personalizes the experience further, making guests feel truly valued.

“The messaging system between us and our clients makes it more personal. The notes on each client is super helpful, as we can keep track of which items people have painted.”

Ricky, Ceramix, UK
automatic customer profile


The primary criteria for Ceramix in choosing a booking system were simplicity and ease of use. resOS’s straightforward setup and user-friendly interface for both staff and clients made it the clear choice.

 “Simplicity!! It was simple for us to set up and use! It’s simple for the client to use!! It simple to keep track of every booking!!!” 

Ricky, Ceramix, UK


Ceramix’s collaboration with resOS highlights the importance of a reliable, efficient, and simple booking system in enhancing both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The personalized features, ease of use, and the system’s impact on daily management have made resOS an indispensable tool for Ceramix.

Interested in elevating your guest experience?

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