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How to get more guests at your vegan/vegetarian restaurant

resOS is compatible with all types of restaurants, and if you want to read some tips about attracting new customers at your vegan/vegetarian restaurant, check out this article.
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resOS will offer you some tools so you can focus 100% on making the best food for your guests in your vegan/vegetarian restaurant and make sure they get the best experience. Our purpose is to take care of the administrative operations, so you waste fewer resources on these and have more time to take care of your guests, and of course, bring new ones.

We cater to your restaurant

The vegetarian, as well as vegan, lifestyle, and philosophy, are a world of their own. A sustainable diet indeed can be time-consuming to prepare. There are many differences between vegetarian and vegan dishes, so you need to make sure your chefs take their time to deliver tasty quality healthy food. Read more about the differences in these lifestyles here.

A plant-based diet can be a good change for some people, as it benefits their overall health. These diets can lower the risks of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. Read here about more benefits that these lifestyles can bring.

So, we understand if you, as a restaurant owner have this lifestyle yourself. Or perhaps you just want to promote these diets and offer your guests healthy meals. No matter what the reason for having a vegan/vegetarian restaurant is, we stand with you and help you by offering your software along with our fast support.

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We have developed our booking system to be as simple as possible to navigate, yet very efficient to use. You can now take some more time to look after your co-workers, guests, and the general restaurant environment, while resOS will keep track of your internal restaurant operations.

No matter if you are looking for software for your restaurant that people can use to book online, or if you want your staff to manually introduce the bookings, resOS is the perfect fit! With many useful features and customization settings, our software can be set in multiple languages and is currently being used all around the world by all types of restaurants and venues.

How to bring potential customers in?

We have created a short list here with ideas/suggestions that you can follow in order to attract new customers to your vegan/vegetarian restaurant. The goal here is also making sure you nourish these relationships and create loywakty between them and your restaurant.

  • Make sure you offer your best service: in most cases, whenever people have an amazing experience at a restaurant from all point of view, they reccomend it to their friends, family, and even acquiaintances. Word-of-mouth is one, perhaps the best one, tool that is really efficient when it comes to getting more guests. Of course, in order for this to happen, you have to make sure that your food, staff, design, restaurant atmosphere including music and even smell are at the very top.
  • Promote the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle online: making sure people are aware of your restaurant is really important. However, sharing valuable content may have a bigger reach when it comes to online marketing. That results in more people being aware of your brand and its values, and more people interested in your food. When it comes to online marketing, it’s important to have different profiles on social media platforms, where people can see the dishes, read about the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, and just keep in touch with you.
  • Promote that offline too: when it comes to traditional marketing, make sure you have all the details on your business card, as well as a few graphic details that represent/go along with your brand. Create a catching phrase that shows how much these lifestyles matter to you and how amazing it feels like to have a healthy diet. Participate to events where people who prefer these diets gather, leave a poster at some local gyms.
  • Have a flexible restaurant system: once you have brought new guests on your social media profiles or website, make sure you it’s easy for them to book a table straight away. Having an intuitive and easy-to-use software for your restaurant can help you get to the next stage: bringing the new guests in your restaurant and giving them a unique experience. This leads to moneizing, and ideally, to creating loyalty with the new guests as well.
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Why resOS?…

resOS has one clear vision: make it easy and cheap for restaurants to get more bookings, satisfy the current guests and get new guests. Based on all the restaurants’ feedback, we know that resOS is super easy to use and very intuitive. But how cheap do we want to make it? Check out our prices here. You can spend the rest on promoting your restaurant and the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Furthermore, you can improve the restaurant’s design elements, the staff’s uniforms, etc. This will make it more appealing to people walking by it and deciding to give it a try.

I am so pleased with resOS, it’s a complete system with exactly the functions you needIt has nothing unnecessary and nothing less than what’s neededThis makes it super easy to navigate and use.

Restaurant manager Vincent Hevice, Gourmet Thai

We have added a lot of features based on the feedback received from all our customers to keep your vegan/vegetarian restaurant up-to-date. Your suggestions and recommendations are greatly appreciated and they are really important to our team. Our developers are continuously working on improving the system. They implement the requested features/settings that have the highest priority and that make sense for our software, so your suggestion can be implemented in resOS too. Let us know if you have any when it comes to getting new guests for your restaurant!

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