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Shisha Café

Get more time to taking care of your guests and create an unique customer experience!

Sitting outside with your friends and family on a sunny summer day while sharing a shisha is hard to beat. We know that you offer your guests a unique experience at your shisha café, and we want to make sure that you can focus fully on improving their experiences while we take care of the administrative details of reservations. For this reason, we have developed a booking system for shisha cafés that will enhance your booking management from day 1.

A picture of a shisha pipe at a shisha café
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Awesome features that can optimize your shisha café

With resOS comes a lot of awesome features that you can use to optimize your business and café.

  • Receive bookings manually on SMS and Email
  • Easy to add vacant tables, times and walk-ins
  • Calendar overview and time table of all your confirmed bookings
  • Easy communication with the guests directly in the system

resOS on different devices

No computer in the shisha café? No problem

In case you do not have a computer or tablet in your shisha café, you can instead confirm or deny the booking directly by phone or SMS. We’ve made it possible to keep the more traditional methods in case you prefer that. This means that it’s possible to handle the bookings manually without having to implement a system.

Get notified of your bookings the way that suits you best

  • Choose SMS if you don’t want to be called up. You can accept or decline the bookings directly over the SMS
  • If you have a smartphone. Tablet or computer, you can also be notified of new bookings by email
Clear overview of the resOS booking system

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