Spam protection and database update

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Emil Falk


First of all, I just want to start off this post by saying thank you to all of you, in the last post I wrote about our feedback “bar” we’ve implemented in the system and I must say it’s been a pleasure (mostly) to read all the feedback you guys responded with.

We’re doing our best to always listen to you guys, so we value it a lot. Hopefully, you can also feel that we’re trying to implement all kinds of feedback in the product, no matter the size.

Okay, back to this update.

Booking spam protection

One of the feature requests we’ve heard lately is you’d love to be more protected against spam and fake bookings, as it could easily ruin a night if a single person was to book out your tables with tons of bookings. So we listened and introduced a new setting called “Spam protection”, which can be found in Settings > Bookings.

The spam protection looks at how many bookings made within the past 24 hours has the same email, phone number or (if enabled, see below) come from the same IP address as a new online booking that someone is trying to make.

If you see a lot of spam getting through or want to be extra cautious you can also block similar bookings by the IP address of the person submitting the booking. Just note that multiple homes, offices and devices may share the same IP address and therefore blocking by IP address may cause problems in cases where bookings are mainly made by people at the same location.

If someone tries to submit a duplicate booking online and the “Max similar bookings within 24 hours” is reached, the bookings will be blocked and the guest trying to make the booking will be told to contact you directly.

Database update

We know this is your business and most of you are reliant on resOS always being stable and fast, which is why we just made a big update to our database. I’m sorry there isn’t anything sexy to show regarding it, but hopefully, you can feel some improvements when working with the system, and as you guys know, it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

Emil, please keep focus.

That’s all for this update, have a great day and hopefully, I’ll be back soon with another post about our awesome system updates. 🙂