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Updated 30th May at 18.14 CET

Close areas, feedback, and some minor improvements

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Emil Falk


New year, new release right? I (Emil, one of the owners of the company) just wanted to say thank you for last year, it’s been an amazing year with a lot of product updates and we’ll strive to continue with that in 2023.

We’re trying to keep up with all the awesome feedback we receive from you guys, but we won’t complain, we love that so many of our customers are so involved that they want to help us improve the system on a daily basis.

This leads me to the first part of the product updates, many of you probably already noticed we have launched a feedback “bar”, so we can learn and understand where we can improve the system for you. (If you closed the bar, and didn’t get to submit your feedback, you can write to [email protected], and I’ll resend you the link)

Next up, we’ve finally finished an improvement to the opening hours that have been requested for some time now, so I’m glad to introduce the possibility to close a single area or multiple specific areas for the whole day, a time interval or a period of days.

Besides those new fixes, we’ve fixed a few minor bugs with the waitlist, notifications, and MailChimp integration.

So you’re probably wondering, that’s all cool Emil, but what are you guys working on? Here is a little list of things we’re already working on, and have planned for the new year:

  • Overall performance improvements of the system
  • Email and SMS notifications update (performance, better design, and later more customization)
  • Booking flow – we are planning to update the booking flow making it even more flexible, adding new steps, and much more.

And if you want to influence the above list, then what are you waiting for? Did you submit the feedback already? No, then you know what to do ?

Until next time