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5 online table booking software for small restaurants

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Here we are looking into the best online table booking software for small restaurants. We will cover the different systems in terms of booking system features and price. If you are looking for systems that have a multitude of features and are willing to pay the price for that, then check out the list we have created with the best online booking systems for restaurants. Continue reading if you want to find your ideal online table booking software.

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Why should you use an online table booking software at your small restaurant?

Having an online table booking system that is just right for your restaurant or venue is vital for your business. Nowadays, restaurants try to make it easier for their guests by offering them multiple ways through which guests can reach out to them. Since the goal for the restaurants is to have many bookings and keep their guests happy, a flexible and user-friendly online table booking system can be a huge help for your small business.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing an online booking system:

  • Provide customers with convenience by making it easier to book a table
  • Make it easier for your staff to accommodate guests
  • Save time on managing table reservations during busy periods
  • Increase efficiency when organizing bookings and tables

No matter if you have a smaller or a bigger restaurant, a table booking system can come in handy if you have decided that having an online channel for table bookings makes sense for your restaurant. Of course, there are plenty of differences in functionalities and price when it comes to reservation systems for big restaurants and for smaller ones. Continue reading to find out more.

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What kind of table booking software are you looking for?

Depending on what functionalities you need from such a table booking system and what price you are willing to pay, there are many types of table booking systems for small restaurant businesses.

From what we have experienced at resOS, we find that our customers who own smaller restaurants do not need as many features as the bigger restaurants do. Of course, the more guests that are visiting your restaurant and booking tables online, the more aspects you have to take into consideration. But, when it comes to smaller restaurants, most of them simply need a reservation system that can help the staff with administrative tasks and that can provide a simple and intuitive booking flow for their guests.

The most important features for small restaurants

  • Bookings in schedule- and list view: One of the main differences between handling bookings with pen and paper and using an online booking system; is that the online booking system provides an easier overview of all bookings and guests at a glance. You should look for a simple interface that is user-friendly and gives you a complete overview of bookings and available times. Read more about how to have a better overview of bookings here.
  • Seatings with custom limits: Small restaurants want to avoid an overcrowded restaurant with many guests coming in at the same time without being able to seat all of them. You need a feature that allows you to add custom seatings according to the availability at specific time slots. In this way you strategically avoid empty tables and avoid overcrowded restaurant. Beside, this feature can also help you save some available tables for walk-ins. Read more about how to add seatings to optimize the flow of guests.
  • Reduce no-shows: Any restaurant, big or small, want to avoid having no-shows. Small restaurants with not that many tables can’t afford no-shows as that means empty tables that could have been used for other guests. A no-show management feature can help reduce no-shows by charging guests if they don’t show up for their reservation. Also, this feature can warn you next time the no-show guest tries to book a table. Read more about how to reduce no-shows here.
  • Reserve with Google: For some booking systems, like resOS, a subscription includes an integration with Google so that guests can book a table directly when they find you on Google. This feature helps you get more bookings and makes it even easier for guests to book a table. Read more about Reserve with Google here.

Online table booking system prices

Now let’s talk about price as well as it plays an important role in choosing the right booking system for your small restaurant. It doesn’t make sense for small restaurants to have to pay a lot of money for a system that offers them all sorts of features that they don’t need. The price should be reasonable considering it’s a smaller restaurant who might not get many reservations but still find it useful to use an online table booking system.

Some restaurant booking systems, such as resOS and TableAgent offers a free plan that might just be enough for small restaurants. Most of the reservation systems even offer a trial period. A free trial helps the restaurants with the costs and gives them some time to test the system, and figure out if the system fit their needs.

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5 online table booking software for small restaurants

If small restaurants get their table bookings mainly through online channels, then it probably makes sense to look at investing in a good reservation system and still keep in mind the prices. Based on the basic features needed and the affordable prices, we researched some reservation systems. Here is a short list of the best reservation systems out there for small restaurants.


  • Flexible, modern and user-friendly restaurant booking system that offers all the essential features, which are included in all plans. Check out the features here.
  • Offers a free plan with no binding that allows up to 25 bookings per month
  • The smallest paid plan is only 29£/month, and it offers up to 350 bookings/per month. Check out all the plans and prices here.
  • All subscription with resOS has no binding and offers a 1-month free trial

Now Book It:

  • restaurant booking system that offers all the infrastructure to manage online bookings
  • doesn’t disclose the price on the website, but offers a demo
  • 24/7 availability from the support team
  • Offers data to restaurants for future marketing


  • table management and booking system
  • specializes in high volume super busy restaurants
  • doesn’t disclose the price on the website, but offers a demo
  • some sources say that the pricing starts at 150 $/month for the basic features


  • restaurant management software with a huge network
  • pricing depends on the features needed
  • the smallest plan is 249 $/month and has basic features
  • offers demo and 24/7 support


  • restaurant booking system where guests book directly through their website
  • pay-per-use
  • has a free plan that allows only to manage bookings
  • offers greater visibility for restaurants
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Try resOS’ restaurant table booking software for free

There are some different options for you to choose from. We recommend you try resOS if you are looking for a system with a free plan that includes all features. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Create a free account to use the Free Plan with up to 25 bookings per month. If you need more bookings, you can try a paid plan with a 1 month free trial with no binding.

resOS online table booking system

If you have any questions about resOS or if you need the support team’s help with the system, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]!