How phone call notifications work

Get the booking information by phone and accept or decline the booking directly by the phone.

(This feature is no longer available)

If you want to get booking notifications by phone, activate the phone call on your resOS profile. Go to "Settings" > "Booking" page and make sure to activate the "Phone call". It is green when it is activated. The restaurant gets a phone call from our resOS robot, when a guest makes a booking request.

Phone call is on

Notifications by phone calls are only made on booking requests, meaning that if table management is enabled, a phone call is not made. This is due to the fact that the system knows if a table is available and automatically reserve a free table for the guest, when table management is on.

When a guest books a table, and you want to get the notification by phone, you have to make sure that table management is off. See the guide for how to turn off table management here.

Up to 3 notification calls

This is how phone call notifications work. You get notification about a booking by call right away when the restaurant opens. If the restaurant is closed, the robot calls as soon as it opens.

Can't anyone get to the phone right away? Don't worry. The system tries again 30 minutes later. If there's still no answer, the robot who calls will wait another 60 minutes before making a last call.

All notification phone calls made or scheduled are shown in the activity log on the booking.

When 3 unsuccessful calls are made, no future calls are made and the booking can only be an answered through your resOS profile online.

Booking information included

When a call is received the system tells the person picking up the phone the following information:

  • The name of the guest
  • The booking date and time
  • The number of guests
  • The phone number of the guest
  • Any optional message or note from the guest about the booking

If you did not catch all the information to start with, you just press 3 on the phone and to get the information repeated.

Accept or decline on the phone

To accept or decline the booking right away, you:

  • Press "1" to accept
  • Press "2" to decline

As soon as you accept or decline a reservation, a notification is sent to the guest informing them about your reply.

You can also simply hang up to reply later by signing in online. On your resOS profile, you will also be able to communicate with the guest about any questions, suggest another time or similar.

Answering machines

Notice that calls answered by an answering machine will be registered as an answered call.

We try to detect if the number we call is a mobile phone or a landline, to avoid that the call is forwarded to an answering machine. If the system thinks it calls a mobile number it will call for 15 seconds. If it's a landline it calls for 60 seconds.