Offer one of the most flexible and user-friendly booking systems for restaurants, resOS. The system is developed to being easily accessible for all restaurants in the world. Start a profitable partnership with resOS' booking system.

As a partner, you can offer your clients resOS, which is a super flexible booking system, that can fit the needs of every kind of restaurant. Regardless of if your client is looking for automated booking processes or a simple booking platform, resOS is the answer.

Partnership with resOS booking system

As an affiliate, reseller or partner, you can sell resOS' booking system to your existing clients or new clients. We offer different levels of partnership with resOS. You can work as an affiliate who sells the product, or a reseller who, besides selling the system, also have other products you offer your existing clients.

We are flexible in regards to the level of partnership. Regardless of if you already work in the restaurant industry, or if you just wish to work with selling resOS online. We have a model for collaborations that work.

Types of partnerships

White label: We offer a very attractive deal with our white label solution, where we act as a transparent partner. Offer your client resOS with a white label solution, where you have the possibility to strengthen your name and brand. This solution allows you to add your own logo to the system. We can adapt resOS to fit your brand so that your clients get the same experience as when purchasing your products.

You can read this guide if you are interested in a white label partnership.

Affiliate: Increase your earnings by selling resOS through e.g. a price comparison website or by focusing on SEO. With this solution, you can offer your clients a booking system, while leaving the hands-on work to us. We take care of customer service and support and make sure to help the client with using the system. You choose yourself how you would like to present the product and sell it to your client. We take care of the technical part and pay you a commission.

You can read this guide if you are interested in a affiliate partnership.

Advantages of partnering with resOS' booking system

Hold on to your clients - Offering online bookings is important for many restaurants. Strengthen your customer relations, and increase customer satisfaction by coverings your customer's need for optimizing service and getting more guests.

Increase your customer base - By adding a booking system to your offerings, you make your company more attractive for clients looking for a "full package" of solutions.

Increase your turnover - We provide the system so that you can offer your clients more value and increase your turnover, without having to hire more employees.

More clients, less work - Our on-boarding is designed to fast and easily help restaurants with implementing the system.

Control the prices - With our partner program, you will have the possibility to change the prices for resOS. In that way, you can e.g. offer your clients to pay a higher price while providing them with additional services from your company.

Have an overview of your clients - The partner program provide you with simple access to an overview of restaurants you signed up on the platform. In that way, you can easily help your clients to take the best advantage of the value resOS provide.

Read more about how you easily can manage reservations with resOS

Are you interested in becoming a partner with resOS?

Contact us on the following numbers: +45 91 53 14 00 (DK) or +44 20 3917 4005 (UK), or write us an e-mail on [email protected], and let's have a chat about the possibilities for a partnership with resOS' booking system. We look forward to hearing from you!