Before making a reservation, guests often scroll through different review sites before they decide where they should book a table, in order to find the best possible place to go eat. We have made it possible for you to offer online table booking on your online platforms. Read more here about the benefits of adding your restaurant booking page link on Google and your website

Many guests want to book a table online. With resOS' booking system, you can offer guests to book a table on your website or Google page. You will then increase the likelihood of receiving more bookings as potential guests look at these websites when they read reviews about restaurants. If your restaurant has received great reviews, and it is possible for guests to book a table right on that site, the probability of receiving a booking increases a lot.

Restaurant booking system formular
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Integrate your restaurant booking page link on Google

To add your booking system to different platforms, you need to register at resOS for free. As a free member of resOS, you can use our simple booking system. We highly recommend you add the booking system to your website and Google Business page, as it is completely free for you. By following these simple guides, you will be ready to receive bookings on the platforms in a few minutes. It’s free to do, and it will help you receive more bookings - it’s the perfect win-win situation for you :-)

Restaurant booking system on Google
resOS booking system om Google

Increase your chances of receiving a reservation

90% of the guests would like to book a table online. By enabling potential guests to book a table on multiple online platforms, you increase the likelihood of receiving more bookings. This is due to the fact that today, many different popular websites are used by guests to find places to eat, read restaurant reviews, and book a table. Are you ready to open up for online booking on more platforms? Register free by clicking the button below.

Read also about our resOS' visual table planner feature here.

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