Let us introduce you to the friendly and cheap restaurant operating system from the food capital of the north

resOS is every restaurant’s friend with a clear vision: to make it as simple and cheap as possible for all restaurants to get more bookings and guests. And to make online booking available on all restaurants in the world, starting with Denmark and Sweden.

Behind resOS, there is a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs and eaties. We love the amazing experiences that the world’s restaurants can offer and scalable tech. resOS is also the company behind the popular restaurant site and app Eatie.

Team resOS

We know that 90% of people looking to book a table at a restaurant want the ability to book online. 35% of those people will book a table elsewhere if this is not an option at your restaurant. Therefore, we aim to make it significantly easier for the guests to book a table at all restaurants in the world. And for that to succeed, we have developed the most simple and easy-to-use booking system for the restaurants. So simple that we like to call it a “you don’t have to do anything”-booking system.

Maybe the world’s easiest and cheapest booking system

For restaurants, the “you don’t have to do anything”-booking system simply means that you can use the booking system without changing anything in your daily routines that already works great for you. 

Do you want to get more guests, but don’t want to accept bookings online or don’t have a computer or tablet in your restaurant? resOS’ booking system is a great fit for you as we will simply call you every time you get a booking! 

Do you only want to take bookings by phone and write the booking down in a calendar? The booking system is also great for you! And if you want to receive a lot of awesome data, communicate with your guests online and optimize your visibility and marketing? The booking system is also great for you!

We work as the middleman between the customers and restaurants. Here, the guest requests to book a table through your website, or your Facebook or Google account. resOS is a cheap restaurant operating system, and therefore you can find prices from free to cheap.


Booking on all restaurants in the world

If it is easier for the guests to book a table at your restaurant, it is easier for you to get more guests. We want to make it possible for restaurants to effortlessly deal with bookings. And also to make it possible to earn more money by optimizing the marketing. And this should be in a way which is simple for restaurant owners to understand and that is not time consuming. 

The booking system can be used by all restaurants in the world. Sounds a little too good? If you are having doubts about whether resOS is the perfect collaborator for you, see if the booking system matches your kind of eatery here.

Any questions or want to try the booking system for free? You can always contact our sweet support at hi@resos.com. They will get back to you asap.


To keep things simple and fast, we run all communication through e-mail, so please never hesitate to contact us on:



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